The perfect place for your space.

One of the strengths of the J. Gumbo’s concept is that our stores can fit in all kinds of spaces. With our compact footprint and minimal kitchen requirements, you can set up a J. Gumbo’s dine-in restaurant in a space as small as 1,000 square feet and in even smaller spaces at food courts and other carry-out venues.

We’re big proponents of adaptive reuse: converting unique or historic buildings for a new life as a J. Gumbo’s restaurant.

This flexibility makes J. Gumbo’s an ideal choice for a variety of locations, including:

• College campuses
• Downtown
• Strip centers
• Mall/Airport food courts
• Entertainment complexes
• Stand-alone restaurants

Helping you find the right place.
We’ve been down this road many times before and have a few tips for finding the perfect location for your J. Gumbo’s restaurant.

Our real estate team will help guide you through the lease process. And once you’ve secured your space, we’ll be close at hand from development through the grand opening to see that your store opens without a hitch.

Works at their space, too.
When it comes to catering, our concept is about as easy it gets. We have the tools and resources to help our partners serve our product to groups of all sizes.

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