Food Facts & FAQs

5 Most Popular Myths about Cajun Cookin’

  1. All Cajun food is spicy! FALSE! Cajun and Creole cuisine is centered around great flavors and generous use of herbs and spices, but that does not mean that all of it is spicy. Most Cajun cookin’ is well seasoned and full of flavor, not spicy.

  2. All Cajun food contains seafood. FALSE. While gulf seafood is an important part of the Cajun diet, equally important are great ingredients like chicken, pork and beef. Likewise, fresh veggies are a vital part of Cajun cuisine.

  3. Kids don’t like Cajun food. FALSE! We grew up on these recipes in Grand Couteau, Louisiana. Kids love our Bourbon Street Chicken, Red Beans n’ Rice and Jambalaya.

  4. Cajun food isn’t healthy. We cannot speak for other Cajun restaurants, but we slow cook with fresh ingredients and hand-blended spices. Our goal is to provide healthy, nutritious meals for everyone.

  5. Cajun food is greasy. Not at all! While many of our stews use olive oil, we use it sparingly and mostly only to roast our garlic. Our sauces are rich and hearty, not greasy.

Other Frequently Asked Questions about J. Gumbo’s

Q Do you have nutrition information available?

Yes, we make full nutrition fact panels available for each of our entrees on our website; just follow the menu link here.

Q Are any of your menu items gluten free?

Yes, our menu features this symbol gluten-free-icon which indicates which items are gluten free.

Q Do you have vegetarian items on your menu?

Yes, we have both vegan and vegetarian offerings on our menu. This symbol vegetarian-icon  indicates which items are vegetarian or vegan. Ask your J. Gumbo’s krewe member for more details.

Q Why don’t you have Alligator meat on your menu?

We are dedicated to serving only the highest quality Cajun cuisine. It can be very difficult and expensive to purchase fresh alligator meat outside the gulf region, most of the available meat is frozen, and frozen gator doesn’t make good eating. Therefore, we are not going to serve anything less than the best.

Q Why don’t you have Boiled Crawfish?

Crawfish are only amazing if you can boil them live. Meaty, live crawfish are difficult and expensive to come by outside of the gulf region, and very difficult to keep living until they are ready to be boiled. We will never boil frozen crawfish because the meat becomes tough and chewy. Therefore, if we cannot do it right, we would prefer not to do it at all. Occasionally, we will hold big crawfish boils at select locations, so keep your eyes out.

Q Why don’t you have Boudin?

Quality is our number one concern at J. Gumbo’s. We have taste tested many different commercial sausages and none of them do justice to the boudin we love from back home. Second best will not make the cut so we will not offer boudin until we can either make our own, or until we find someone who makes it right.

Q How do you pronounce “Etouffee?”

A tricky word indeed, from the French “etouffer” meaning to smother. The proper pronunciation is “ay-too-fay” or “eh-too-fay” depending on where in Louisiana you are standing!

Q What is “Gumbo?”

Gumbo, simply put, is the Cajun word for soup. Usually made with a dark roux, okra, or file powder (and sometimes all three!), gumbo is a rich soup that can be made with whatever you have on hand, but usually features the “trinity,” chicken, sausage, crawfish, shrimp, oysters, alligator, or any combination of these. The word “Gumbo” is from the Bantu word “gombo” meaning “okra.”

Q What is “roux?”

Roux is a reduction of flour and oil (or butter). First the oil is heated , then the flour is slowly added, stirring constantly to prevent burning. Roux is used to thicken soups, stews and gravies the world over. There are different kinds of roux based on how long you cook it, everything from a light, golden roux to a dark or chocolate roux. Each has its own distinct uses and flavors.

Q What is the “trinity?”

Akin to French cooking’s “mirepoix” (carrots, onions and celery), Cajun cooking employs a standard blend of celery, onion and bell pepper in many of its recipes. This trio is referred to as the “trinity.”

Q Is there really beer in the Drunken Chicken?

Yes, but worry not, all of the alcohol has been cooked out during the simmering process, leaving only a rich flavor behind. You are safe to drive home.

Q Who is the “J” in J. Gumbo’s?

The “J” in J. Gumbo’s stands for “jockey” in honor of our founder Billy Fox Jr. who is a retired thoroughbred jockey.

Q Who here is from Louisiana?

Our founder and inspiration Billy Fox Jr. grew up in Metairie, Louisiana and his family roots are in Grand Couteau; that’s just north of Lafayette for you Yankees.

Q Why don’t you have a store in _______?

We are always seeking out enthusiastic individuals who are interested in operating one of our stores. To inquire further, check out our franchising page.

Q Are you opening a store in ______?

We keep the home page of our website updated with new store openings as well as other important information. You can also check out our company Facebook page.

Q Can I work at a J. Gumbo’s?

We certainly hope so! Most of our locations can hire anyone over the age of 18. You can print off a job application. Fill it out and return it to the J. Gumbo’s of your choice.