We are expanding in many regions and cities.

Currently, there are excellent opportunities to work with our site location experts to find the perfect spot for your new J. Gumbo’s. But don’t wait too long. Franchising is a fast-paced business, and J. Gumbo’s is an aggressive franchising company.

To be considered for a J. Gumbo’s franchise, you must …

• Have knowledge of trade area(s) in which your location(s) will operate
• Be committed to meet obligations of J. Gumbo’s Franchise Agreement
• Have a sound business reputation; values aligned with J. Gumbo’s
• Be a U.S. citizen or possess a valid Permanent Resident Card (green card)

Does this sound like you?

• Dedicated interest in the business
• Focused and driven to succeed
• Interest in healthier eating/active lifestyle
• Commitment to community involvement
• Outgoing, engaging personality
• Ability to lead teams of younger workers

Can you meet these financial requirements?

• Initial Franchise Fee for a single unit is $25,000 and every unit thereafter, with the same ownership as the initial unit, is $20,000 each. Area Development Agreements are available.
• Low investment starting at $100,000, depending on site conditions and other factors.

Michelle at 502.554.8983  mb@jgumbos.com